Cassie Ernestine Byers District One ① Liz Lee ① Open

Physiological- Cassie is a pretty, skinny, tall girl that weighs in at 115 pounds. At 17 years old, she had her name entered 10 times this year. The girl has red hair, big brown eyes, and tan skin. She’s good with archery, like her mother was.

Sociological- Cassie was brought up in District One. She went to school like all of the other children, but unlike most of them, she had very few friends. She’s awkward around people and keeps to herself most of the time. As a young child, her parents were in their last year of being able to be drawn for the Hunger Games. Her father was called and died within the first few hours of the games. She grew up with her mother and an older brother, who was a year older than her. Her brother was called, like her father, and ended up being killed from dehydration. 

Psychological- Cassie has very few fears. But, every year, she has the same fear that attacks her, being called as tribute. Cassie feels guilty for her brothers death and believes it’s her fault. She couldn’t do anything about what had happened and her brother ended up dead. She wants to take over the Capitol and show them who’s in control. It’s mostly a dream, but she hopes the make it happen.

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